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How can process automation help your business

Increase Productivity Through Human-Centred Automation

The ProcessPath team are process automation specialists who excel at repairing fractured business processes by intelligently automating them.

We are outcome-driven specialists who empower people to focus on high-value activities rather than mundane tasks.

Unlock your productivity by automating repetitive tasks when you work with ProcessPath’s workflow automation solutions.    

We Help Improve Your Digital Ways of Working

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Support & Optimise


Ongoing Automation Support & Platform Management

Free up your staff — we provide automation and application support, managed feature improvements, and platform management and configuration.

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Focus on Future State of Workflows

Intelligent Workflow Design

We focus on the art of the possible and the future state of what could be to create intelligent workflows, unconstrained by existing processes.

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Strategy & Platform


Platform Strategy & Governance for Low-Code &  AI

We help you to put in place an operating model which will create the platform, nurture and adopt new ways of working and uplift capability, all in appropriate guardrails for your organisation.

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Innovate & Grow

AI Copilots

Supercharge Your Business With AI

Utilising the latest in Copilots and GPT technology, we can drive rapid adoption and implementation of AI in your organisation.

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Innovate & Grow


Low-Code Digital Solutions

Through our proven process from 'Ideate' to 'MVP' to 'Productise', we can rapidly develop modern AI-driven low-code solutions with user experience in mind to create a better workday for you.

Why Digitise Workflows with AI Driven Low-Code?

To unlock growth within the ever-changing digital landscape
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About Us

Our Vision is Productivity through Human-Centred Automation

ProcessPath leverages human-centred automation, an approach to workflow digitisation with people at the centre. We are passionate about automation design that serves the people it impacts most.

Because ProcessPath’s philosophy is based on human-centred automation, you can stop wasting organisational talent on repetitive and manual tasks and free up your people to work on high-value activities.

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Our Family of Businesses

DataDivers is part of a family of businesses that also includes JourneyOne for your strategy, architecture, project delivery, and software development journeys; Red Marble AI for your Artificial Intelligence journeys; SaaS tool Jibility for your strategic planning journeys; and Datadivers for your data science and analytics journeys.

The family is called Rmkble, in reference to our shared mission of making every journey remarkable.

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